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Raluca Oda

Demand strategy • Content strategy • Integrated marketing • Campaign management

Raluca Oda is a seasoned global Demand Generation leader who delivers a powerful combination of agency and big tech experience, further validated in both unicorn and early-stage startups. 

Throughout her career, Raluca has proven her adaptability and effectiveness in driving revenue growth, building high-performing teams, and maximizing demand gen impact. 

As a Demand Oxygen founder, Raluca brings a unique blend of strategic leadership and hands-on involvement, ensuring the delivery of demand generation strategies and scalable marketing frameworks that accelerate pipeline growth.


Web Management SEO Performance Marketing

Cristian Miu is a highly skilled web management and digital marketing expert who brings a wealth of experience and proven results to the Demand Oxygen team. 

With a strong track record of driving growth in the tech industry, Cristian is well-positioned to help startups scale their demand generation and elevate their online presence.

Cristian's background in working with both high-growth startups and big tech companies makes him a valuable asset for startups looking to accelerate their demand generation and online presence. With Cristian on board, clients can expect strategic insights, seamless execution, and measurable outcomes that drive their businesses forward.

Bogdan chioreanu

Marketing Operations

Bogdan Chioreanu is an accomplished Marketing Ops professional with a rich background in business development and revenue ops. He guarantees a holistic approach to marketing operations, with a deep understanding of the interplay between marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

As a key member of Demand Oxygen, Bogdan Chioreanu brings a unique combination of strategic thinking and operational excellence, ensuring top-notch marketing ops that consistently support revenue growth and business success. His expertise enables him to align marketing ops with revenue goals to maximize ROI and maintain operational excellence across the organization.

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