finally, demand gen that boosts your growth

Breathe new life into your pipeline and scale confidently with your fractional B2B marketing team

Driven by passion, you push your tech startup to succeed and make an impact.

But B2B marketing challenges—scaling fast, making good use of resources, and driving predictable pipeline growth—can leave you gasping for air.

You need more than demand gen. You need Demand Oxygen.


At Demand Oxygen, we share your relentless drive for success. We create custom demand generation strategies that empower your tech startup to accelerate growth and scale on a solid foundation. 

We're not an agency - we're your fractional B2B marketing team, committed to working alongside you, fueling your growth. 

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Raluca OdaFounder, Demand Oxygen

Throughout my journey in demand generation, from big tech to high-growth startups, I've seen firsthand the power of focused and strategic marketing efforts. 

At Demand Oxygen, we're now on a mission to bring tech startups' dreams to life by giving them the tools they need to get past execution problems and reach their full potential. We believe in the untapped possibilities that lie within every founder's vision, and we're committed to turning that vision into a reality. 

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